Tahfiz Offline Module 2021

Al Khayr Tahfiz brings specially designed Hafazan Methods called Quranic PMM by Dr Kamilin Jamilin which brings a fun and unique approach. This “Photographic Memorization Methods” is used to engaged students in an interactive way and focuses solely on the quality of the hafazan.

Registration Process

Step 1

Register at our website.

Step 2

You will be contacted by our admin.

Step 3

Both Parents and Students are obliged to come for the Entry Assessment.

Step 4

Payment of RM1,400.00 (non-refundable) will be requested upon successful Entry Assessment.

Step 5

Student will enter the Akademi for a 7-day orientation at the beginning of the new term.

Step 6

Upon successful of the 7-day orientation, payment of Option A or Option B will be requested and the student is now successfully onboard.

However, if the student does not meet the orientation requirements for any reason; payment of RM1,000.00 will be refunded.

Al Khayr Tahfiz Registration Form